Powerful and Healthy Drink for Energy & Immune Support.

  • A delicious & rejuvenating latte drink.

    • Relieves fatigue
    • Supports good quality sleep
    • Helps stop energy slumps during the day
    • Recharges and rejuvenates
    • Keeps your immune system healthy

No fillers, no preservatives and absolutely no additives.

What’s in your cup of Ojas?

Essential elements for your complete well being.

Ojas “Oh-jus” can be enjoyed daily: Morning, after a workout, or before bed.

Step 1. Warm about 8 oz of your choice of milk or alternative.

Step 2. Add 1-2 Tsps of Ojas drink mix to your cup of warm milk.

Step 3. Mix with a spoon or a frother to enhance the

Great for Kids!

If your kids are like ours, this drink is perfect. Our son Arjun had a strong preference for sugary drinks like chocolate milk and milkshakes. As concerned parents and dedicated practitioners of Ayurveda, we were worried about the sugar content and potential sugar highs that often came with these beverages.

Let your kids try it