Healthy pancakes for Mom on Mother's Day

Healthy pancakes for Mom on Mother's Day

TV station ABC in Chattanooga featured Mother's Day pancakes made by Ayurvedic Practioner Vanashree Belagmwar. The unique pancakes offer the triple delight of great taste, healthy nutrition, and beneficial stress relief. These light, easy-to-make pancakes not only provide a steady stream of energy but also help in relieving stress. And that's not all; they even promote restful sleep at the end of the day. The pancakes have no sugar added, are gluten-free, and are vegan. What could be better for health-conscious moms?

 The herbal and spice latte mix in the recipe has pure ingredients, including Ashwagandha root, Shatavari root, Haritaki fruit, Bhringaraj, Brahmi, and Shankhpushpi. These herbs are adaptogens, literally adapting to your body and leveling out your stress. In addition, the mix contains nutritional powerhouse seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, flax, and popped lotus.

In addition, there are gluten-free grains, like sprouted millet and amaranth. Best of all, dates, cardamom, and cinnamon are included for great taste.


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